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   Licensing Information

JEC/EWSJ Evaluation License

JEC/EWSJ is provided for free for evaluation purpose. In-order to get your activation license,send an email to:

The request email should contain your company name and the reason you want to evaluate JEC or EWSJ, your email address should be a valid company, academic institute email address. Activation license will not be sent to webmails addresses.

Usually it will take a few hours to get the activation license, after getting it, it should be placed in the lib directory of JEC/EWSJ.

JEC/EWSJ Commercial License

This Commercial License is an agreement for organizations that use JEC/EWSJ as part of their product.

Typical examples of JEC/EWSJ distribution include:

  • Selling an application that contains JEC/EWSJ as a library.
  •  Providing a service with a server that includes JEC/EWSJ as a library.
  • Selling software that includes JEC/EWSJ to customers who install the software on their own machines.
  • Selling software that requires customers to install JEC/EWSJ themselves on their own machines.

  • Building a hardware system that includes JEC/EWSJ and selling that hardware system to customers for installation at their own locations.


  • If you include the JEC/EWSJ with an application, you need a commercial license.

  • If you develop and distribute a commercial application and as part of utilizing your application, the end-user must download a copy of JEC; for each derivative work, you (or, in some cases, your end-user) need a commercial license for the JEC/EWSJ library

With a commercial JEC/EWSJ library license, one license is required per JEC/EWSJ library usage with one Exchange server. There are no restrictions on the number of connections, number of CPUs, memory or disks to that one JEC/EWSJ library server.

Please note that even if you ship a free demo version of your own application, the above rules apply.

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