Future SMS for Android Phone

Future SMS enables you to send SMS in delay. You just choose the date and time and the SMS will be sent automatically to the relevant contact person.


  • You choose a contact from your mobile or just enter directly a mobile number.
  • You choose the time and date for the sms to be sent in future.
  • The sms will be sent at future date.
  • You can select multiply contacts.
  • Manage the scheduled SMS's (remove).
  • Manage the selected contacts (remove).
  • Phone Localiztion support for English, German, French, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Hebrew.

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* processing can take up-to 12 hours.

Video Tutorial

With future SMS I can

With future sms I can remind myself or other people in future to do stuff what a mindblowing idea  ....


Release title description
1.0.20 11.08.2009

Localization support

Support for English, French, German, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Hebrew.

1.0.11 07.06.2009

New Improved UI,

Select more then one contact

You can choose more then one contact, and send future sms to a group.

We also added a manage contacts dialog box.

We upgrade any one who purchased the application for free, send us an email and we'll send you the application upgrade.

1.0.1 06.10.2009
Contact book feature added
Now you can choose contacts from your contact book in android and send them sms to the future!
1.0.0 06.09.2009
Improved UI
Improved UI, stay tuned UI is going to get improved much mor!


NetComps LTD Israel, Android Team

Contact us: futuresms@netcompss.com